By: Nathan Black

Today’s entertainment business has almost completely switched to all things internet based.  The idea of traveling out for entertainment seems almost a journey with Netflix, Hulu and other outlets so readily right in front of everyone.  Even those looking for something cheap can at the very least turn to Redbox for their flick of the week. In this digital age, the idea of opening a local brick and mortar store almost appears audacious, but Whirligig theater does just that and with gusto.

Jason Coale opened The Whirligig Stage back in December of 2016 and so far has brought together some of the best talent in the area to act on their minimal yet spacious stage over on Pitt Street just adjacent from Dickinson Avenue.  Once renovation is complete on their building, performances will continue on there, hopefully by April of this year.  


Back in January the Whirligig crew put on The Importance of Being Earnest and we sat down with some of the cast to ask them about the performance and what they thought about working at the new theater.

Jennifer-Scott Mobley, who played Lady Bracknell mentioned that “Whirligig is a fresh new opportunity for people to come together.  It’s a combination of old and new talent.  It’s a great opportunity to do and see theater.”

Rebekah Thurston, another actor, explained how being in Earnest was her first show in a while.  “The experience is exciting and meeting new people is always amazing.” She said.  “Everyone embraced their characters.  The show is funny and it’s all in the details.”

Collin Burns, who played Algernon, said, “Whirligig helps bring culture. You can get a drink and watch a show.”

Whirligig will continue to have performances as the months go on.  They will be taking on Open Mics as well a comedy night, also.  Whirligig will also host entertainment acts and take part as a venue for Spazzfest.

To search upcoming events or to look for more information, you can look up their webpage on Facebook at  Or to contact the theater, you may call (252) 689-8092 for further details and ticket prices.