The Funeral Portrait (C’est La Vie)


Like almost everyone else on this planet, I discover new bands and music through, drum roll please, social media! With access to the Internet, anyone can find pretty much anything, from singing cats to hidden talent. My friends are constantly sending me links and videos and a lot of the time, I just happen to stumble upon an up and coming band on tour alongside one of my all time favorite bands. This brings me to The Funeral Portrait, a band I personally discovered from Atlanta, Georgia. The band began touring with one of my personal favorites, Alesana, in October of 2015. They are signed to Revival Recordings, a record label born and bred in Raleigh, North Carolina by Shawn Milke, the lead singer and guitarist of Alesana and long-time friend, Nick Onorato. Revival Recordings, a label run by artists whose motto is nothing short of perfect: “Good Music, By Good People.

I watched the music video, Casanova (C’est La Vie), directed by Justin Reich, and that was it. I was hooked. I ended up listening to every track off their studio album “For The Dearly Departed.” I instantly fell in love with their uniquely fresh sound, for lack of better adjectives. Their music is hard to define; it’s a little rock and roll mixed with metal entangled with well-scripted lyrics of love, loss, anger, and grief and sung by a beautifully dramatic voice. This mixture is how I would define The Funeral Portrait’s music. I was ecstatic to see them perform live, hoping to get lost in the sea of life through song and I was more than fulfilled by the time I left. The Funeral Portrait bombarded the stage and brought their music to life in a way that was far different from many bands. When both Lee Jennings and Juergie Landstrom sing together, my mind was metaphysically and spiritually blown. They sang in such a way that I honestly don’t have words to describe the feelings I sensed. One thing I can say though, is that I rarely see that kind of beauty in many artists’ vocals today, especially in duos.

Lee Jennings is the perfect front man; dramatic when singing but also an awe-inspiring crowd pleaser. Their fans become a part of their show, melodically following along and feeling the mood of the melody through their every fiber. Swaying, singing, and adrift in the music, now that’s the life.

I was more than excited when I found out they were playing at the Kaboom Art Gallery in Garner, North Carolina. There are very few bands, that when seen live, I walk away wanting more. That is not such the case for The Funeral Portrait, not even a little.