Things went from GLOOM to KABOOM


Shane Crump has been a part of the music scene for many years as the bassist for Raleigh, NC’s based band, Alesana. A little over a year ago, Shane started working on his own project, The Ivory; a beautifully blended sound of pop and rock which differs from the hard rock and unclean vocals that accompany Alesana. Since then, he has released his debut EP, “GLOOM.” Shane has also worked with his friend and director, Adam Ferguson, on the release of his lead single “I’m a mess,” which was released in the summer of 2015.

On February 12th, 2016, I was able to witness live for the first time ever, at the Kaboom Art Gallery located in Garner NC, The Ivory perform their debut. To me, I witnessed history. The Kaboom Art Gallery has a very intimate and underground basement type setting, which was perfect for The Ivory. Everyone stood patiently as Shane and the rest of the band stepped up to play. I had to put all my biased opinions (they’re AMAZING) aside for a moment to really take in Shane’s full performance. During the set, Shane’s heart was poured out and into the microphone with each and every song. I was mildly taken aback from the reaction of the crowd. Shane and his band had each and every person in the room hooked and hanging onto every word that was spoken. It was mesmerizing, almost like it was the first time we had all ever heard The Ivory.

I had an opportunity to sit down with Shane after the band’s set; I was faintly unprepared. I had assumed that after his debut, he would be flying on cloud nine with the rest of us and too excited to answer a bunch of questions, but man was I wrong. Shane sat down with us, completely relaxed, calm, and very humbling. We spoke candidly about love, life, heartbreak, and of course his set, The Ivory.

I asked what he thought of his first show being known as “The Ivory.” With the biggest smile and utmost enthusiasm, he responded “EXCELLENT!” In return, he asked if we had enjoyed it? Our response matched his. The music was exquisitely meshed with deep lyrics and an amazing voice. Shane was very proud and the look on his face when he talked about writing Gloom is something I will never forget; the passion, the love, it was breath-taking. Furthermore, Shane went into detail about each song and explained how they were written during a very dark time in his life.

The Ivory was for no one else but himself. He explained that he had been into the heavier side of the music scene for quite sometime and when he started writing songs for the EP, they became more pop rock and personal. There aren’t words to express how humble and down-to-earth he was about everything so be on the look out for our interview that will be airing soon and check him out for yourself. I guarantee you’ll enjoy getting to know him better because I, for one, unquestionably did.

PHOTOS BY: Stellar Photography