Artist Spotlight of the Month: Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Artist Spotlight of the Month: Rainbow Kitten Surprise
By: Arran Wright at

Ready to feel really happy? Rainbow Kitten Surprise! Even their name sells the amount of joy that one could experience listening to their incredible music. From just on the other side of the state in Boone, NC, RKS started out at just a couple of college roommates with a shared passion for creating art through music. Sam Melo and Darrick “Bozzy” Keller began composing music together in their dorm room when Ethan Goodpaster (lead guitar), Charlie Holt (bass), and Jess Haney (drums) joined their forces making RKS the amazing group that it is today.

Every song is packed with a smooth vocal flow and easy mellow vibe like that of their inspirations Modest Mouse and Kings of Leon. Their deep meaningful lyrics anchor their powerful guitar driven melodies and strong backbeat making RKS something WORTH listening to. As they continue selling out shows across the country, it is clear that Rainbow Kitten Surprise is on the rise and continuing to spread that feeling of joy to everyone who gets to experience one of their shows. I am so thrilled I get to see them perform at Okeechobee Music Festival this year. Make sure you check them out on tour this Spring. Peace, Love, and Music!
Song Suggestions: “Shameful Company”, “American Shoes”, “Cocaine Jesus”